The title of this blog is pretty self-explanatory: “Spread Security”, in other words, share knowledge to increase awareness.

The reason why I started this project is because Information Security is a very interesting argument which is getting more and more critical as time goes by due to the growing presence of devices on the Internet.

In this scenario it is important to understand what type of attacks are in the wild and how to secure our devices, i.e. our data, from malicious users trying to steal personal informations such as credentials and documents.

Theory is fundamental in every discipline, but I think that to understand deeply some concepts it is a must to consider also practice. This is why the idea here is to show theory of attacks followed by “hands-on” demonstrations performed on a virtual laboratory environment.

Here is a brief list of the main arguments (from a high level point of view) treated in this blog, so you can have an idea of what you will find in this place:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT);
  • Theory behind attacks;
  • Practical simulations of attacks in a virtual environment;
  • Malware Reverse Engineering;
  • Security best practices;
  • Suggestions on how to secure systems and networks.

I really hope you will find this blog useful, so enjoy the reading and see you in the next post.